Junior Content Specialist

ECENTIME is hiring!


We, it is ECENITME 一分钱

We have a dream, that of a world people can do smart shopping. A world where people like us living in a foreign country finally enjoy shopping like all local guys do, they find stories, they find coupons, they find product recommendations, and they find friends.

On the other hand, we will not lie to you, there is work. That's why we are looking for committed, creative and enthusiastic people like you to accompany us in the adventure.

Because since 2017, we have not been idle. With 3.5 million tourists a year in France, and 800 thousands Chinese living here, 76% of them say they are stressed when talking in a store or finding suitable product, we decided to attack the subject starting with this opportunity. As a result, we have created the only platform that helps you to find all European and local brands, products and stores, 100% free, 100% online. At the time of our fourth candle, we have more than 40 employees, have supported more than 550,000 users, and have opened three offices in Xi’an, in Dusseldorf, in Barcelone.

We see things in a big way: a team of ideas bubbling around the globe, a future where our entire shopping life is just a click and discovery journey .

Job Description

Job description:

  • Collect and compile fresh, interesting local events and information on France
  • Participate in the selection of topics and compilation of the Local-based lifestyle Guide

Preferred Experience

Job requirements:

  • At least 1 year of living in France, French (both oral and writing) level B2 or above is required
  • Always passionate about local media, News, and HOT information, be sensitive to the current Sino-french hot spots, be familiar with the annual local events and cultural differences between France and China
  • Ability to write independently, mastered strong writing skills, excellent language output, and good logic on narration.
  • Good reading comprehension in French
  • Proficiency in using layout tools (e.g. Xiumi) and previous experience in running independent social media accounts is a plus
  • Speaking Chinese and good at writing texts are strong points.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Freelance
  • Location: Puteaux, France (92800)
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience: > 1 year