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We, it is ECENITME 一分钱

We have a dream, that of a world people can do smart shopping. A world where people like us living in a foreign country finally enjoy shopping like all local guys do, they find stories, they find coupons, they find product recommendations, and they find friends.

On the other hand, we will not lie to you, there is work. That's why we are looking for committed, creative and enthusiastic people like you to accompany us in the adventure.

Because since 2017, we have not been idle. With 3.5 million tourists a year in France, and 800 thousands Chinese living here, 76% of them say they are stressed when talking in a store or finding suitable product, we decided to attack the subject starting with this opportunity. As a result, we have created the only platform that helps you to find all European and local brands, products and stores, 100% free, 100% online. At the time of our fourth candle, we have more than 40 employees, have supported more than 550,000 users, and have opened three offices in Xi’an, in Dusseldorf, in Barcelone.

We see things in a big way: a team of ideas bubbling around the globe, a future where our entire shopping life is just a click and discovery journey .

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  1. 与BD以及运营多部门进行合作,整理相关广告渠道资源
  2. 完成每日微信公众号、朋友圈、转群、微博日常发布,以及置顶折扣放轮播图等运营操作
  3. 根据每月广告渠道使用数据,分析并制作月度报表,帮助商务及运营团队优化季度计划
  4. 协助部门负责人完成广告新渠道的分析及实施

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2.熟练使用Microsoft Office 办公软件

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  • Type de contrat : Stage (6 mois)
  • Date de début : 29 octobre 2021
  • Lieu : Puteaux, France (92800)
  • Expérience : < 6 mois